Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fireworks, Gandalf! Fireworks!!

On the Fourth of July, the city of San Antonio put on a fireworks show for the gathering. Because apparently having a group of 25,000 teenagers and their chaperones justifies the need to have two fireworks shows. San Antonio, in my opinion, did a pretty good job with the fireworks, although I kind of missed our small town fireworks back home where everyone knows everyone else and going to the fireworks on the Fourth is an annual tradition.

Because of where they were shooting the fireworks off, the Tower of the Americas is in all the pictures, but I couldn't really avoided it even if I had wanted to.

Despite the large amount of pictures in this post, this in only about 20% of the pictures I took during the fireworks. I just kept taking pictures and hoping that some would turn out.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paintings, Concerts, Food, and a bunch of other random things

Well, this is most of the pictures from the rest of week although I do have a couple more posts to do for NYG. These are mostly just the highlights because we had so much stuff going on that I didn't have that much time to actually stop and take pictures. (Note to self:Do not take pictures like this! It results in tons of blurry photos!)

The Jesus Painter. This guy is an awesome artist!!

The second painting that he did. You can see the eyes better up on the screen.

Later that day when he painted at the Mass Event
 We went to a store that was called "The Odd Store" or something like that...
Oh, the things you find in a store called "Odd"

I wonder what the person who invented thought its purpose would be?

We found Iowa on a large map in the pavement that was outside
the convention center.

Our district's booth!
 Eating at an authentic mexican restaurant called Acenar.

The chips and roasted tomato salsa were "particularly good"

Fresh tortillas

I ordered duck chalupas and they we actually pretty good. :)

And yes, I did have to take pictures of all my food to post on Instagram.
That's what Instagram is for, right? ;)

Jamie Grace performed for one of the sessions, so we obviously had to go see her.

Jamie Grace and her sister Morgan. They thought it was awesome that our names were Grace and Morgan!!

Pastor and his wive dancing during Jamie Grace.

I guess she didn't want her picture taken

Grace had good looking food. :)

*Lookin' cool*