Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March According to Instagram

Hi everyone! I thought I would show my pictures from Instagram from March. I didn't post much on IG in March but I am trying to post more in April.

Winterjam!! Waiting for the doors to open so we can go inside.


My kisses melted...

My necklace that I won in a giveaway!

We got The Hobbit on dvd the day it came out.

My great-grandpa's baptism certificate. In German!

Making no-bake cookies.

Finished no-bake cookies

My view during school. Notice Bilbo in the background. :)

My easter dress

A close-up on the top of my dress and my locket from my grandma

Looking through these pictures I have noticed that I use exclamation marks a lot more than I probably should. :)

See you later!